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Within business tourism there is a wide variety of types of professional events. Depending on the objective and the activities carried out, we can distinguish between:

Trade shows: these are events where companies in the same sector present their products or services in order to market and promote them.

Conventions: these are events that are normally organized by a private entity, have a business focus and present studies, products or other tasks that are aimed at the company.

Exhibitions: with a cultural or educational purpose, these events show the public both works of art and articles related to science. They can also be commercial in nature.

Congresses: these are events that bring together professionals from the same sector. They usually last between two to three days and their main objective is the exchange of information and knowledge.

Conferences or seminars: these are professional events with a very specific theme that aim to expand knowledge in that area. This type of event requires the participation of attendees and speakers.

Incentive trips: in contrast to the aforementioned events, these are organized and planned for motivational purposes for the workers of a company.

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